Keeping Tab – Part Two


Luke 11: 4” Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.”

I like the first part of that verse because I have dealt with my own fair share of guilt and shame. – I want to be forgiven and when I experienced the forgiveness of Jesus it truly set me free.

But to forgive others can be hard and sometimes I think and feel that they don’t deserve it.

If you are a Christ follower then think about this. Total forgiveness is a chosen privilege. It is seldom a nice feeling – because to forgive is to acknowledge the pain that someone else has caused you. a follower of Jesus there is a dilemma if we don’t forgive.

It appears that if we choose to not forgive someone – that we will not experience the forgiveness of Christ in our own lives.

Why should I want to forgive?  R. T Kendal said it well; “Because I value intimacy with God my Father more than I desire to see my enemy punished. You want God’s anointing too much to pursue getting even.”

Ask the Spirit of God to flow through you so that you forgive others in the same Christ has forgiven you.

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