Joy And The Options Of Life

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It seems that there are two options for any of us as we go through life. We can either walk by faith or by our feelings. If joy is dependent on our feelings then you know as well as I that we will be up and down like an airplane. There has to be something else.

The apostle Paul knew what that was. He was in jail facing death and he was processing huge discouragement from Christians when he wrote the letter to the Philippians. Scripture also tells us that Paul had experienced severe physical sufferings and beatings for his faith in Christ.

He was left with two options. Option one was to believe that in spite of all this – God was still in control, that God was writing the story and he was not left to fate! Or option B was to go simply on his feelings and believe that God had rejected and left him. He could also buy into the lie that this is all there is – so live as if there are no eternal consequences.

Instead, it was his faith in an unchanging all knowing god that sustained him. He writes in Romans 8:28 these life-shaping words; “ And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him – who are called according to his plan. There are times when we simply don’t know why – but that is why faith is essential. While we do not know the why’s we can walk in joy because of the promise.”

“That God will bring us through and will never leave us or forsake us. “


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Is there a time in your life when you were faced with these same options?
Did you rely on your feelings?
In spite of what you faced or are currently facing believe that God was/is writing your story?


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