Defining Moments Part Two


I continue to talk about defining moments. For many of us,  defining moments can be categorized in these three areas.

Three Defining Moments

1. How you handle Pain or Success.
We all want to be well, wealthy and wise. For you old Star Trek fans it is the Vulcan blessing…”Live long and prosper.” But no doubt about it – how you handle pain or success will become your defining moment.

I wish I could say that I have always passed this test with flying colors but I do  know that it is about trusting God.
“Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him.”

This is a truth that will sustain you regardless of what happens if you choose to trust God. We all have those dark nights of the soul. I have had a few that I reflect on every once in a while. On perhaps the darkest night I have ever experienced – I came into the  room where some people were praying and reading from the Book.

This gentleman said we are reading from Romans 8:28 – How we can trust God in the dark moments of the soul. I needed a reminder that God is there, that he is with us and that while I do not understand – I can trust him.

2. How you handle the Unexpected

2 Corinthians 12:9 “God’s grace is sufficient” – (it is more than enough)
But what about the unexpected? Those are the things that come when you don’t expect it and change your life forever.

Winnie taught me at the age of 23 that God was enough. Winnie was in her 60’s at the time – dying of cancer, a victim of a drunk driver – she had had her leg amputated. The family she had wanted never happened. Visiting her in the hospital – I wondered what I could say to her in her defining moment. She motioned for me to put my ear next to her lips – I can still feel the faint wind of her breath as she whispered to me “ God’s grace is enough.” She had made a decision to trust God with her pain – rather than grow bitter she grew better. She had faced her Jordan river and when a few years later she did die – she left in her wake a legacy that still lives on

3. Who you choose to Serve
Joshua 24:15 “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”
Most people who come to church would say; “ yeah I want to serve Jesus…really” Has that become a defining moment in your life? Most people have fallen prey to the illusion that we are to search for happiness. Let me tell you why it is a delusion. Believe me, I would rather be happy than sad and laugh than cry. But what Jesus calls us to is a life of joy. Joy is different. Happiness is based on external stimulus – people , things or positive situations. Joy is based on God.

The truth that we are known by him and loved by him. Can you trust God with all of that? Who you choose to serve will be a defining moment. If you choose Jesus you will most likely find yourself out of your comfort zone. Trusting him for what others would think just does not make sense. You see trust is linked hand in hand with love. You can only trust God if you believe that He loves you.

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